A p p l y

Interested in applying for our Leadership, Internship, or Discipleship programs for the 2024-2025 school year?  

We are currently accepting applications through the end of the school year.  Fill out an application and we will contact you to set up an interview time.


The Internship is open to rising Juniors and Seniors.  Student interns will help lead in specific ministry areas and have the option to disciple student leaders.  The internship is focused on giving the student a greater opportunity to serve the ministry and carry responsibility.


Leadership positions are open to all students.  This is an opportunity for students to serve the ministry of GC Wesley and the college campus.  Leaders will also be discipled on a weekly basis by student interns.


Interns and leaders are all a part of the Discipleship Program.  Students who are unable to commit to leadership or internship positions can still be a part of the discipleship program.  Each discipleship group consists of 3-4 students and each group meets weekly.  The mission of our discipleship groups is three fold - belief, intimacy, and accountability.  The groups look to grow together in their belief in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  They focus on growing in their intimacy with God as well as intimacy with others in the group.  Intimacy is found through accountability and vulnerability within the group.

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  3. Discipleship Application