The Coordinator Experience

We've had 20+ young adults serve as Coordinators with Wesley over the past few years. 

Hear below about the experience of a few previous Coordinators! 

  • Walker Bradley, 2018-2019

    "I wouldn’t trade my time at GC Wesley for anything in the world. It’s very rare for a team with such incredible leaders to share much of it’s stewardship, but that empowerment is exactly what this generation of young people in the church need. Wesley gave me a healthy space to succeed and fail, all while being built every moment as a more faithful disciple of Jesus. When walking closer to Christ is the priority of a ministry great things will always follow."

  • Brittney Schwind, 2018-2019

    “I loved the staff culture, having opportunities to cast vision and execute ideas, and learning how to value discipleship and healthy leadership. One of my favorite things was getting to go to the New Room Conference with our staff! The Coordinator program at Wesley is a great way to grow your faith - financially, spiritually, and in knowing the Holy Spirit!”

  • Morgan Wilson, 2019-2021

    My time as a Coordinator at GC Wesley was transformative in my walk with Jesus and taught me to be more intentional in relationships. GC Wesley provides space for staff members to launch new ideas and help bring those ideas to fruition. The leadership at GC Wesley has created an encouraging environment that teaches young people to live above reproach with tangible spiritual practices. I will continue to be grateful for the instruction, wisdom, and guidance offered while serving as a Coordinator.

First Year Coordinator Program

Coordinators are missional staff. They give a year of their lives to serving at GC Wesley. They raise financial support independently. Their number one job is to be relational. They disciple interns, shepherd ministry areas, and are crucial to our operation. 

Second Year Coordinator Program

We now offer a Second Year Coordinator Program that encourages increased understanding, experience, and relationship.